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The “Piggier” is five feet long by 30 inches wide. It has Two burners that are designed to use all at once or one, or Two at a time. The deflector pan is designed to eliminate flare-ups and deflects heat for indirect smoking. The pan can hold wood for smoking or just to add a smoke flavor for grilling. Attached to the wood pan is a water jacket that adds steam to the cooking process to keep your meat moist. The burners provide a very consistent heat for grilling and smoking and have a 10-year guarantee. The cooker comes with one large 9 gauge steel cooking grate25"x58" and 3 smaller cooking grates 18"x 26" that can be used to double your meat capacity. The “Piggier” is very versatile. To smoke, regulate the temperature between 200 – 240. To grill, simply increase the temperature to 400. This is an excellent choice for organizations. The Piggier is road ready.

 Key Benefits

Road Ready

Whole Hog Tray

4 Individual Burners


BBQ Grill Thermometer
Temperature Gauge

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