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Campfire Grill 

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 The grill surface area is 17" X 23", 391 square inches of grilling surface. It is designed to give you a grill surface for you campfire. No more trying to balance your pots and pans on the logs. With this Portable Campfire Grill you can quickly set up your campfire for cooking. This handy Portable Campfire Grill sets up quickly and easily. When you are finished you can quickly fold the Portable Campfire Grill for transport to your next campfire. The surface of the Campfire Grill can be moved up from your fire or closer to the fire to adjust cooking temperature. The grill surface also rotates 360 degrees to allow easy access. The only tools you need for this handy grill is a hammer to drive the support rod into the ground.
 Key Benefits
Small enough to take with you
Large enough to cook your favorite campfire meal
Light weight and compact
This is the best Campfire Grills Outdoor Grill Made


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